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#include <slp.h>

typedef SLPBoolean SLPSrvTypeCallback(
    SLPHandle   hslp,
    const char* srvtypes,
    SLPError    errcode,
    void*       cookie);


The SLPSrvTypeCallback type is the type of the callback function passed as a parameter to the SLPFindSrvTypes() function.  If the hslp parameter was opened asynchronously, the results returned through the callback may be uncollated.  If the hslp handle parameter was opened synchronously, then the results will be collated to remove duplicates.


hslp The language specific SLPHandle that was passed in to the SLPFindSrvTypes() function.
srvtypes Pointer to a comma separated list of service types.  See Syntax for more information on service type syntax. 
errcode An error code indicating if an error occurred during the operation.  The callback should check this error code before processing the parameters. 
cookie The same cookie that was passed as a parameter to the SLPFindSrvTypes() call


The callback should return SLP_TRUE if more data is desired.  The callback may continue to return SLP_TRUE until it is called with an errcode of SLP_LAST_CALL.  If no more data is requested the callback should return SLP_FALSE.


OpenSLP 0.6.0 SLPSrvTyperCallback functions are not called because SLPFindSrvTypes() is not implemented

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