Command Line Options
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Currently the OpenSLP daemon (slpd) accepts several useful command line options.

Command Line

slpd [-d] [-c configfile] [-r registrationfile] [-l logfile] [-ppidfile]


Don't detach from the controlling tty.
[-c configfile]
Use configfile as the file slpd reads to obtain configuration information, rather than the default, /etc/slp.conf.  See Modifying the slp.conf configuration file for details.
[-r registrationfile]
Use registrationfile as the file that slpd reads to obtain static registrations, rather than the default, /etc/slp.reg.  See Creating a registration file for details.
[-l logfile]
Use logfile as the file that slpd reads to write log messages, rather than the default, /var/log/slpd.log.
[-p pidfile]
Use pidfile as the file that holds the slpd process id, rather than the default, /var/run/